Thursday, December 30, 2010

Emma's Big Girl Room

Emma can climb in and out of this bed by herself. We felt it was time for the change with the fact that she is so tall, starting to climb, and showing other various signs of becoming more independent. Plus, with us having an infant in a crib this May we do not want her being confused if she were to still be in a crib herself. We bought this wonderful quality furniture with the full intention of using the four different stages as she grows and matures.

This is Emma's Princess Palace and she has her select toys, pillows, and a blanket in here for her comfort. She already likes to play in it from time to time.

This cute little kitchen is just what she needed. It will grow taller as she gets bigger and has many compartments, accessories, and makes noises as she plays with it. There is even a high chair with a baby in it so she can help take care of the baby. She is going to make the best Big Sister in the Whole World!

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