Wednesday, December 22, 2010

OCD Christmas Gift Wrapping

These gifts in the Mickey Mouse paper belong to Emma. We had originally wanted to do 3 gifts to honor the 3 gifts Jesus got at his birth, but as you can see that was hard to do. She has 3 times as many gifts as Jesus. We hope to do a better job of it as she gets older and her siblings need gifts as well.

These are the gifts for Ray from Emma, Little P (baby), and myself. I take pride in the wrapping and the bows. I enjoy it and it looks beautiful.

These are my gifts from Ray, Emma, and Little P. Ray did the wrapping and I added the bows. I usually make all the bows, but with so little time, so much to do, and not enough energy I compromised and used some store bought bows as well.

These are the gifts for the Pheris side of the family. Can you see a theme of gold on gold? This goes well with our Aggie Christmas Tree that is loaded with Maroon and Gold ornaments.

These gifts are for the Housley side of my family. These are all for my nieces and nephews. Ray and I shared in the wrapping, but of course I did all the placements of the bows.

At last for the Peeples family, when we visit them some time in the near future these are theirs as we exchange gifts every year. We have gotten together for the last 6 years to celebrate Christmas and we are looking forward to meeting their Gummy Bear when he/she arrives sometime in the new year. As you can tell that is a lot of wrapping paper and many different types. As many know, I am known for OCD, Type A Personality traits. I thought it would be easier to wrap gifts in different paper for transportation and delivery, that way we don't have to dig to find which gift goes to what location when we deliver them or have them mailed. This is my system and I am sticking to it to ease confusions and stress on Christmas.

Merry Christmas!


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