Wednesday, September 25, 2013

When Daddy Is Gone

Well lets just say I seriously dread when Ray has to go out of town. No matter what lenght of time, the location, etc... I start getting anchious when the time gets closer for Ray to go on a trip for work. Why? Well it has to do with the fact that when he goes out of town something always goes wrong. I equal Ray going out of town with Friday 13th!

When he went out of town in 2011 I almost burned our house down dealing with an issue with Emma at daycare while I was pregnant.

Last summer 2013 when he was out of town someone hit my parked car outside his parents house.

Well he is currently out of town and I am dealing with the following issues:
  • Abby grace had her injury on Thursday (tongue) read earlier post for details, I am handling the healing, lack of eating, and lack of quality sleep while Ray is gone.
  • Abby also contracted a virus on top of already having a bad time with her tongue, our poor girl needs to catch a break
  • Emma has pink eye, discovered this after taking Ray to the airport on Monday, but she could not get into a doctor until Tuesday
  • Having to take more than one child to the doctor at a time is borderline crazy and any parent who does it with out going insane deserves a gold medal!!
  • Have I mentioned that I love both of my girls being "Daddy's Girl" until he goes away... they look for him, ask about him, wake up in their sleep calling out for him etc... it hurts the heart that they miss him so much, but make you realize the strong bond they share with him.
  • Night time routine has always been a Daddy routine. Well my girls really make a fuss when he is gone if I even attempt to say their prayers with them. So this requires for Ray to call no matter what times zone, meeting, etc... so he can call home just to say prayers. Again it can be a little touchy if he does not or cannot manage to call, but it shows the strong bond the girls have with him.
I am counting down to the minute that I get to go and pick him up on Friday and praying every single day that nothing else happens. 

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