Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2013-2014 First Week of School

Things I have enjoyed about the first week of school:
  • On the first day of school the admin purchased donuts, juice, and coffee for everyone.
  • On the second day back district admin sent us a huge sheet cake to celebrate the back to school.
  • On the third day there were bowls filled with treats for us left in each of the work rooms. 
  • On the fourth day there was bowls of apples. 
  • On the fifth day we were given the treat to wear jeans on the Tuesday we return from our three day weekend! 

Other things that I am truly enjoying about my new job:
  • I have already recieved a 3% raise.
  • I was paid $100.00 a day for new teacher training, for those who are wondering not many districts pay their teachers to attend new teacher training.
  • My class sizes are not over 30 so far...
  • I am teaching Regular and Pre/AP, I do not have to be a part of a "special program" to teach GT students.
  • I am enjoying working for a district that takes Social Studies seriously at all grade levels. 
  • All 6th and 7th grade  social studies classrooms will get laptops to use in their classes all year.

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