Friday, September 20, 2013

My Blog Approach

Staying Positive

          I read articles, blogs, websites etc…. and some mention how they are tired of other individuals “moms” posting all the perfect moments in their lives and not staying “real” with what happens in everyday life. Well I for one have posted both my struggles and success. But if you read a person’s blog, website etc… remember that they to live in an imperfect world and if you truly know them, you know that they too like you struggle with different issues every day, they just do not wish to complain to the world about it. 

     As I keep up with the various forms of social media I try to keep in mind that we are all exposed to drama, stress, and “real” events in society every single day. But I make the conscious choice of being positive and posting things that are positive. So anyone who is reading my blog and jugging if you know me and what my life entails then you know my life is not perfect, if you read and judge then please stop reading and forget how to access by blog.

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