Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Day After A Sub

I really do not like the day after a sub, much less when I have been out two days in a row and that means my students may or may not have accomplished what I required of them in my absence.

In my absence I make sure to leave detailed sub notes, student expectations, and many assignments so that there is no free time for trouble to arise. I even have a "How Were We Today?" handout for my sub to fill out for each class period. This helpful tool allows me the guidance on who to reward and who to give consequences to. One of the most important portions of this handout is having the sub determine if they class as a whole earned a 10. If they earn the 10 I reward the entire class with something. I really reccommend this type of handout for any teacher at any grade level. It really makes a difference in students performance when they know what the expectations are, what the consequences will be if they do not meet expectations, and of course the rewards when they do.

I never want to have a sub. I am not that teacher that takes a "mental day" or uses the days up because we are given 10 each year. I know that no other person can make the impact I can with my students. I do not enjoy returning and having to sort work, notes, and deal with discipline due to my absence. I look forward to being in my classroom every day and making those real world connections with my students and seeing their knowledge bloom right before my eyes.

I also do not like having to return to a sticky, dirty classroom, because lets face it you know they do things and bring things in with them they could never get away with while your in the room with them. So this morning it took my have a container of Lysol wipes to clean 32 desks and OMG you know I went and scrubbed my hands after cleaning each desk!

What I Love The Day After A Sub

* Students greeting me with big smiles
* Teachers asking after my family or myself
* Students saying how happy they are that I am back
* It means my kids, family, or myself are doing well so I can return to work
* Being back in a routine
* Having control once again of what I can, while I can : )

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