Friday, September 20, 2013

Rough and Tumble

Abby Grace and the ER...

Well Ray and I are always talking about how we have little girls that take a hit and just keep going. I can safely say that I come from a family of girls who can take a kit and keep going, my sisters and nieces are all this way... so it only makes since that my girls would follow in the family footsteps. My girls can trip, fall, stub a toe, horseplay, fall off beds etc... and not bat an eye-lash.

We do have the occasion where the will play it up a bit if they have the audience of their Nana or Poppa, let be honest they know that this will lead to them being picked up, showered with hugs and kisses, then more than likely be given a sweet treat! Heck if I could get all of that I would play up a broken fingernail lol : )

Last night Emma and Abby started inspecting and getting familiar with the new stationary bike that Ray and I bought to start a new healthier routine (that is a post for another day). Well I walk in the room, Ray is already there and the girls are pressing the buttons, taking turns sitting on it etc.. I mention to Ray that its not a toy and they should not be allowed to mess with it. Not even five minutes later after addressing this issue to the girls that its not a toy and not to mess with it Abby Grace loses a major battle, Abby 0, Stationary Bike 1!!

Abby was sitting on the bike and leaned forward to touch the buttons. Needless to say the bike was set for Ray's height and the buttons were to far away for her to touch resulting in her kitting the floor after hitting one of the peddles! She bit a hole in her tongue and not a little one, it is the width of my thumb nail and open... there was so much blood it got all over Abby, Ray, myself, and bed, totally honest here it freaked me out. So happy I married a laid back guy you does not freak out seeing blood pouring out of his kids mouth. We get her cleaned up and think the bleeding stops only for it to start back up sending us to the ER for the doc to say what we already know, but it reassures us. No stitches but she needed antibiotics to help with the risk of infection. My girl looks like the a champ the day after a fight. She has a big mark on her chin, a small one on her cheek, mark by her right eye, and a swollen bottom lip.

She cried for a bit, but the majority of the time she was way more calm about the situation than I was. She was wanting to play her games on the Ipad and drink her milk.

pictures to come soon....

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