Friday, September 20, 2013

Abby Takes a Dive

Abby at the ER

Abby showing off her wound

A better shot
A puffy eye and a marked up chin for our little fighter

Last night Abby gave us quite a scare.  We just got a recumbent exercise bike, and Emma and Abby wanted to ride it.  Abby was sitting in the seat and apparently bent over to look at something and did a face plant onto the floor.  This wasn't too alarming, as she is a daredevil and usually dusts herself off from spills, but she screamed loudly and we knew something was wrong.  When Brandie picked her up, there was bright red blood everywhere.

We didn't know what was wrong, so we put her on our bed and got a towel and started cleaning off the blood to see what the source was.  After a couple of minutes the bleeding had stopped, but she was still hurting and would not open her mouth.  Brandie eventually saw she had bitten her tongue, but I didn't think it could be that bad if it wasn't bleeding anymore.  She calmed down, but 15 minutes later she started screaming and blood was coming out of her mouth again.  Momma was right.  She opened her mouth when she screamed and I saw the full extent of it, and off we went to the ER.

As we thought, there wasn't much they could do for it, but we got some antibiotics and a numbing mouthwash to help her.  As you can see from the last picture, she is a little beaten up but one tough cookie!

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