Monday, May 9, 2011

Welcome Home Abigail 5/7/11

The adorable lavender outfit that Abigail wore home for her debut was from her Poppa. She looks so precious and received many complements on her outfit.

Ray holding Abigail before we put her in the car seat for the 1st time. We were so eager to get home and very thankful to God that we both did so well after an unexpected delivery date!

Our precious Abigail in her car seat after the inspection from the NICU nurse making sure that Mommy and Daddy know how to place her in it, secure it, and that she fits comfortably in it. Some might not like the idea of having to do something like this before being able to leave, but we love the extra attention they place on the safety of our child.

Momma holding Emma as we get ready to leave the hospital to go home! All the nurse were so sweet to us and we appreciate all their kindness and the genuine affection and love they have for what they do and the people they treat on a daily basis.

Emma super eager as she runs towards her Dada to greet him and see her sister again! She is such a wonderful big sister and helper to both of us.

Emma checking on her little sister to make sure all is well. She continues to alert us as Abigail makes noises or needs anything that she believes she needs Emma brings it to us to give to her little sister.

As we enter the house to a family of 4 we are super excited to start this next chapter in our lives! We our very thankful and mindful of God's path and will continue to follow it faithfully.

In the background you can see all the balloons that Abigail's Daddy had waiting for her at the house. Emma really loves balloons as well and enjoyed playing with them.

This sign on the door was created by Brandie in her eagerness to welcome our daughter home for the 1st time. With all that we experienced and to show our appreciation for our little miracle we wanted to do something a little extra special for her.

This sign was on the garage door as we drove up to the house. Nana talked with Ray and they designed it and Nana put it together while we were getting ready to come home!

This beautiful arrangement of flowers are from Abigail's Daddy to help welcome us home and shower us with his love for us both. Ray stayed at the hospital the entire time and is such a wonderful husband and father that I feel blessed every day to have in my life and the lives of my daughters.

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