Monday, May 2, 2011

Come and Get It

One of her favorite meals is spaghetti, she takes after Ray with her taste in food!

Notice there is a eating utensil for her to use, but she is preferring to use her hands so she gets more at at time. She gets frustrated when the food falls of the spoon or fork.

Taking a break and getting excited to try some more of her favorite meal. She loves pasta.

Getting sleepy with a full belly!! We hope this is a great sign that she will sleep through the night again!!

Tonight's menu was spaghetti, cheese, pineapple and milk! Emma does know how to use her spoon and fork, but when she really likes something she gets frustrated that it will not stay on the spoon/fork and digs in with her hands. So this is our big girl eating her dinner all by herself.

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