Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Emma Update at 22 months

Look at my big girl!! This is Emma this morning getting ready for school. She is doing great at school. They are going over numbers, letters, colors, and she is coloring tons of papers that we are mailing to different relatives each month. Emma is very active, loves to play outside, wrestles with her dog Reggie, and still loves Mickey Mouse Club House. We believe the reason why Emma has been eager to wear her bows over the last couple of months is due to Mini Mouse!!

Emma is a very good big sister. She helps by alerting us to Abigail's needs, bringing us items such as blankets and even helps with gathering and putting away items around the house. Emma also likes holding Abigail, patting her, and checking on her first thing when she gets up in the morning and when she comes home from school.

Emma still enjoys being a helper around the house with sweeping floors, trying to dust, bringing laundry to and from the washer/dryer. Emma will also try and walk Reggie and to our ever lasting battle feed Reggie from her plate!

Emma will go for her 2 year check up in July... time is going by so quickly but I love ever second of every day that I get to be with my family. God had blessed me with wonderful daughters and a fantastic loving husband.

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