Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Abigail's 2 Week Checkup

Height: 22 1/4 inches long, she is off the charts with her growth in this area.
Weight: 9lbs 14 oz, this puts her in the 95th percentile for this category.
Temp: 97.8 degrees
Head Circumference: 37 1/4 cm, this puts her in the 90th percentile for this category.

Abigail had her PKU test done today, thus the pink bandage on her left foot. It was not something that I can really talk about because I do not take it well seeing my child in pain. So lets just say Ray held her, but I was brave and stood next to her helping to sooth and calm after the ordeal was over with. We will get the results back from this test in about three weeks.

All of the doctors and nurses love Abigail! She is a great baby and they complement us on her every time we visit. They are all very happy with her progress in weight, growth, etc... and our next official visit for her will be when she is two months old.

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