Friday, May 13, 2011

Abigail is 1 Week Old 5/12/11

Abigail Grace Pheris is 1 week old today! She went to her first appointment with her pediatrician on Monday 5/9/11 and had a wonderful report. Abby weighed 8lbs 4 oz at birth and when we were discharged she weighed 7lbs 11oz, she weighed the same on Monday. We had a weight check yesterday with her pediatrician and her weight went up to 7lbs 130z. She continues to be an easy baby, sleeps for up to 4 hours, eats really well, and is a blessing to her family.

*We did get a measurement correction on her length at the Monday's appointment, unlike what they measured her at birth coming in at 20 inches, Abigail is in fact 21 1/2 inches long!!

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