Saturday, February 26, 2011

Progress in Abby's Room

Getting Abigail's nursery put together has been something I have been a bit eager with these last few weeks, but the wait was worth it. We had all the carpets in the house steam cleaned and they look like new! It helped to disinfect and get all of the allergens and dust out of the carpet. We were finally able to get in the room this week to get some work done.

We have most of the decorations up in Abigail's nursery. Ray was super wonderful Thursday night and got in her room to hang her curtains, diaper hanger, fix her crib bedding, and hang her wall art that matches the nursery theme.

We still have some tweaking to do and final touches to make it a bit more complete, not to mention the closet! If you notice that door is still shut because there is much that needs to be completed inside it : )

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