Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jack Frost Nipping At My Nose

Emma staying warm as Jack Frost comes to visit the area for the next couple of days.

Flag pole with the missing Valentine's day flag. Went looking for it and can't find it yet.

Trash cans are all over the place. We heard it hit the garage door last night, luckily there is no damage to the car that I can tell.

The fence is down and now we hope the neighbors do the right thing and get it fixed since it is theirs and not ours. We will see what happens in the next couple of days.

February brought with it some of the coldest weather that my area has seen in a long time. Ray and I were talking about winter and only in Texas can it be in the 70's in December and now in the teens in February. It is currently 28 degrees and the low tonight is supposed to be 17 degrees.

With Emma being sick she has been in bed with me in the master bedroom and Ray has been sleeping in her room. This gives me such a smile, thinking of my husband sleeping in his little girl's toddler room with flowers and butterflies : ) At 4:30 this morning when all of the strong bursts of wind came through it woke both Ray and I and we met at the front door listening to things hit the house and the eerie sounds coming from the chimney. We hurried outside to take down our Valentine's decorations and bring them in. It took me an hour to get back to sleep with all the noise the fence was making hitting the side of the house.

Upon waking this morning I looked out the back door to see portions of my fence down, neighbors' fences are down, shingles are missing from peoples' roofs, and the one decoration we forgot to take down, the Valentine's day flag, is nowhere to be found. Our trash can is on its side with debris everywhere.

So the cleanup will begin and phone calls will be made. Now to stay warm and keep an eye on the weather since we are expecting SNOW this coming Friday.

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