Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Abigail's 27 Week Checkup

We started off the appointment by getting my vitals and starting my glucose test. I am blessed to say I have not had any blood pressure issues with this or my previous pregnancy. I got to drink some yummy flavored fruit punch stuff and wait an hour for my finger to be pricked. I am extremely happy to report that I passed!

Next we were off to have our ultrasound while we were doing the one hour wait for my glucose test. This was wonderful and surprising, and we got to see our healthy, active, and adorable daughter! Throughout the entire ultrasound she was showing us her mobility and flexibility, and was trying to talk to us the entire time. Abigail's little mouth was in constant motion throughout the process. She showed off her stretching and flexing by extending arms, bending legs, and placing her legs over her head! Her smiling face can be seen on the bottom right in this ultrasound picture!

So now for the measurements... Abigail is currently 2.9lbs, measuring 29 weeks, ahead in growth by 9 days, and already in the 7oth percentile for growth. Our belly measurement showed her at 30 weeks. What does all of this mean? Abigail will be one beautiful, healthy, tall girl with the capability of being taller than her big sister if her measurements now are any indication of what it will be like with her growing up. Abigail has been ahead in growth throughout the entire pregnancy; even when we had an ultrasound done at 6 weeks she was ahead by three days!

We are now doing appointments every 2 weeks until I hit 35 weeks, at which point I will be going weekly to see my doctor. As of now we are keeping the same due date and do not see a need to change it because I have already been scheduled for a c-section.

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