Friday, February 4, 2011

Abigail Update

We went to the doctor yesterday and got another great report. Abigail is doing great! She is healthy, active, and still a Little Wiggle Worm : ) Mommy also got a good report. I still need to take it easy, not do any lifting or carry around heavy objects. I have been told to make sure to say hydrated and try to rest often. But that is to be expected as you enter into your 3rd trimester! Everything that is going on now and the precautions the doctors tell us to take are normal and nothing extra to be concerned about. I still have Braxton Hicks contractions, but there is no regularity to them, nor do they last for long periods of time.

Due to this fabulous report of us both being healthy we now get to have our appointments moved from every week to every two weeks! I am so very excited about this. Our next appointment will include the sugar test, measurements, ultrasound, and more details on how Abigail is doing and developing. We look forward to celebrating each weekly milestone and planning her baby showers with friends and family!

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