Sunday, January 23, 2011

Emma's New Room

Emma is now seating at her own table to eat her snacks and food. She has been learning how to do this at day care for the last month and we wanted to reinforce it at home. Now that I am no longer able to pick her up and place her in the highchair this has really come in handy.

Emma no longer sleeps in a crib, toddler bed, or anything so tiny. Emma now sleeps in a queen sized bed all by herself! She never liked the toddler bed, yet would sleep in our king sized bed with no problems. With her height being a steady growing issue we would be in a big kid's bed quickly anyway.

So to stop fighting the inevitable, we gave Emma the bed that was in our guest bedroom and have given Abigail all of the nursery furniture, thus saving at least $1000.00 dollars on furniture! To make Emma feel extra special we went to Target and picked out this adorable floral pattern quilt and have given her a toddler theme to enjoy for the next couple of years.

As you can see, Emma has of ton of toys to help keep her busy and growing. Emma has really developed a love of music and dancing, and the majority of her new toys bring out her dancing, singing, and rhythm. Thank God she takes after me and has my natural rhythm and not her Dada's!


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