Saturday, January 29, 2011

Emma Happenings

Emma eats lunch like a big girl at her own table with chairs. She can sit all by herself. She knows to go here with her snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She also likes to sit here from time to time when we are cooking in the kitchen.

Ray picked out several pajamas like the one she has on in this picture and she loves them. We were able to find them on clearance at Carter's about a month ago. Emma is also liking to wear small clips in her hair. Since her hair is getting so long and thick we are trying to keep her bangs out of her face. We will not be cutting her hair anytime in the near future, so we are happy that she is wanting to wear the clips now.

Emma following her Dad around the house as always! She loves being around her Dada all day long, and when she does not get his attention fast enough she takes action and grabs it quick.

Emma enjoying her first Dreamcicle ice cream with her Dad. She has his taste in food and it is amazing that she does so many little things that remind me of him.

Emma loves being outside all of the time. It makes it hard on us when the weather is bad, because she can not have that little bit of outside time. She enjoys playing fetch with her dog and swinging in the hammock in the back yard. Emma also likes to run around and feel the texture of the grass, trees, and plants.

Emma also enjoys many moments of relaxing in her princess chair with her princess blanket. She likes to sit here and watch her favorite shows on the big screen t.v. It is amazing how much her Daddy lets her have her way and he winds up in the master bedroom watching his sports while Emma watches her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the big t.v. in the living room.

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