Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brandie's 30th Birthday

The cake was made locally in Bryan. It was strawberry and chocolate. It was absolutely delicious. The flavors were perfect, the cake moist, and the icing was just right!

Getting ready to open the wonderful gifts from my husband and girls. The wrapping was exquisitely executed by my husband ; )

Emma helping me open my gifts, she is really getting into tearing the wrapping paper off of gifts. She also enjoys being the helper for cleanup duty after all the fun of opening gifts.

For those of you who watch the Big Bang Theory, you will total get this gift. It gave me a great laugh, and Ray had to keep an eye on this item because it was hard to get, it took him 2 months to find one.

Filled with rose petals that Ray hand picked off of roses to fill in the box to cover up my wonderful gifts from him and the girls. A truly romantic presentation by a wonderful man.

Inside I find the hidden treasure! Three pair of earrings, one each from the most special people in my life. Thank you very much Ray, Emma, and Abigail! I love all three pair and the wonderful birthday cards that each of you gave me.

A picture of all the wonderful things that I received on my 30th birthday! I am truly blessed to have such a loving and thoughtful family!

This romantic bouquet of flowers is from Ray. He selected the flowers and helped the florists design them. They are from here in Bryan.

This sweet bouquet of flowers with three balloons is from my girls! Emma and Abigail had them delivered to my work on Friday to help me kick off the celebration of my birthday weekend!

These flowers above hold Abigail's birth flower and the flowers below are Emma's birth flower. These are extra special and helped me celebrate turning 30th with a smile ; )

My own birth flowers are carnations, and these are sweet, romantic, and last longer than the most expensive flowers you can buy. Its nice to see them as I work in the kitchen making dinner or doing the dishes at the sink.

My wonderful cake! Getting ready to have breakfast on 1/9/11! We were so busy and had such a wonderful dinner at The Republic that we did not have time for cake before bed, so we started off our Sunday morning singing Happy Birthday and me making my birthday wish.

Making my wish and getting ready to start my day off with a bit more shopping and tea at the St. Regis Hotel in Houston!

I had such a wonderful day! I got to spend it with the most important people Ray, Emma, and Abigail. We redecorated Emma's room, moved Abigail's furniture into her room, and did many other things. Thank you Ray for making me feel so special on my birthday.


I want to wish a Happy 30th Birthday to my wife, friend, love, and all of those other words that describe what Brandie means to me. We had a fun and busy day.


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