Saturday, January 29, 2011

24 Weeks Pregnant with Abigail

The image is of Abigail's birth flower, Lily of the Valley, that was made into a bride's bouquet. I think it is breathtaking elegance and hope one day Abigail will want to incorporate her birth flower into her own weeding.

We continue to give thanks and praise that we have been blessed to make it to 24 weeks! Two weeks ago we were told it would not happen, but God provided us with a miracle. We take pleasure in getting to feel Abigail move, listen to her heartbeat, and to continue our bond with her while being pregnant. Emma likes to help Ray listen for Abigail's heartbeat and movements with the Doppler. Emma can say sister, baby, and Abby. She peaks into Abigail's bedroom from time to time to see what all is going on.

As of today Abigail is 24 weeks, which is a bit ahead of schedule, but not that much. Her face is almost completely formed, down to the tiny eyelashes, and we think through ultrasound pictures that she looks like Emma, so we are sure she is going to have those "Hollywood Eyelashes" like their Momma. Abigail is a bit bigger than 8 inches long, which is the size of a large banana and she weighs about 2 pounds by now, considering she has been gaining about 6 ounces each week for the last couple of weeks and she weighed in at one pound on January 14th.

Abigail can now determine which way is up, so she knows when she is upside down or right side up due to her inner ear being fully developed at this point. She moves and enjoys flipping around so much that Ray says he will be ready for all of the roller coaster rides when she is big enough. She likes to listen to Ray talk to her and she moves more when he is around. Ray says that she is playing "patty cake with him" but I think she just might be kicking : )

We look forward to our future doctor appointments, ultrasounds, and learning more about Abigail as we journey towards her birthday in May. Thank you to everyone who continues to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We will have an updated post about Abigail from her next appointment sometime at the end of next week.

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