Thursday, January 13, 2011

Emma is 18 Months Old

What can I say about our wonderful daughter that we have not already said. She is a joy to us and we have felt blessed to have her in our lives since we first found out we were expecting her in November of 2008. We have loved watching her grow, seeing her explore her surroundings, try new things, and develop her own personality. She is a very active little girl and really enjoys playing with Reggie, playing with her toys, going bye bye, being outside, and watching her favorite show, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

As we prepare for Abigail this May some major changes have taken place for Emma. She knows that Momma is going to have a baby. Emma can say baby, Abby, Sister, and many other new and exciting words. Because of little sister coming, Emma is now enjoying a queen sized bed and her new toddler decorated room.

Emma's understanding of the Spanish language is increasing every day. We have her in a dual language day care so she is exposed to Spanish on a daily basis through books, music, art, and her teachers. She really enjoys going to day care every day and interacting with the teachers and fellow classmates.

At her checkup today she weighed 31.2lbs, so as of today she has only gained 2.2 lbs since her 1st birthday in July. Emma is now 34 1/4 inches tall and this is a growth of 3 1/4 inches since her 1st birthday. She is growing really fast and still remains in the high ninetieth percentile for all areas. Emma is now wearing a size 3t with room for growth; many items we find in 18 months or 2t shrink so fast she can only wear them a couple of times.

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