Sunday, January 23, 2011

Celebrating Abigail

We are now officially in total celebration mode as we get ready to join with friends and family to welcome Abigail to our family this May. With everything that has been going on we are focusing on the positive and celebrating each milestone along the way. These two pictures are of the theme that we have selected to celebrate Abigail with, as this was Ray's favorite. He is so excited and just over the moon with having another little girl in the house.

This is the theme that we have selected for Abigail's nursery. We have decided to go with the theme Ray selected for Emma. We were going to go with a different theme, but we loved this one so much and it is perfect for a baby girl! Abigail is such an active baby, we are so blessed to have such a healthy, active, and beautiful daughter.

We look forward to putting her nursery together and decorating it with all of those special things that make it truly Abigail's room. I am even looking forward to getting the closet organized and clothing laid out! I know, I am such a planner, and with my OCD tendencies this means all will be ready by 7 months if not sooner : ) Being able to do these things help me cherish this time, celebrate new little girl, and stay thankful for the many blessings that we have.


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