Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Thoughts. . .

We love celebrating Easter with our girls. But as they begin to get bigger we want to make sure of a couple of things:

1. That we are bringing them up with the true meaning of Easter. This is hard for me due to their age and what I want them exposed to... how much and how soon are the two big questions for me on this one. I believe one of the reasons we struggle with this one is that since moving we have not really found a church to call home.

2. We always have an Egg Hunt. The Easter Egg has great Christian symbolism representing the resurrection of Christ but I believe we need to make a deeper and meaninful connection with it as adults so that we can foster that symbolism with our girls as they grow older. This again would be helpful once we find a church.

3. Easter Baskets. We always give them, but we do not want to get wrapped up in the commerical driven atmoshpere that surrounds holidays. We want to make the gifts given in the basket meaningful to our girls, so we were thinking of limiting the basket to five items. What those five are at this time is still to be determined. What we are leaning towards: 1 to feed the belly, 1 to feed the soul, 1 to feed the imagination, etc...

I know that our thoughts, practices, and beliefs will change as our family grows and as we find a church to call home, but as long as we keep Christ the focus and maintain our focus on wanting to do what best by our family I believe we will keeping doing right by our girls.

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