Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ribbons, Wrapping, and Hot Glue Guns

Gifts for my side of the family. We will be getting together with them on Christmas Eve and my girls are getting really excited about Christmas and getting to see their Memaw. We will be taking the traditional homemade chocolate fudge and banana bread. My Aunt Robin looks forward to the banana bread every year, Ray makes both of the items, I just show up and look cute!

Ray's gifts for Christmas. He gets five gifts just like the girls and that one gift he has already received due to the fact he had to go purchase it himself. In our move into our own place last month the t.v. in our room went out and needed replaced so when all the crazy deals were occurring that was when he purchased his first Christmas gift, the rest were selected by his girls and myself.

Throughout the wrapping process I am proud to say I only burned my finger twice with the hot glue gun. Some would ask why I use a hot glue gun... it is easier to keep the bows on with two little girls with hot glue. It is also easier to keep the bows on the gifts when transporting them from one location to another.

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