Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Time

It is Christmas time, and as you all know that is a big thing around the Pheris house.  The girls have started on their Advent calendars.  They have three of them:  two are activity based and one is reward based.  The top picture shows the reward one.  Each day they get to open the present box and get a treat inside!  The other two are the Christmas tree and Mickey Mouse ones.  We got there in the Christmas store inside the Magic Kingdom this summer.  Emma does the Christmas tree, on which she gets to select a cloth ornament to hang on the tree for each day.  Abby's is velcro based, and she gets to pick one and attach it to the wreath.  We usually do this in the morning after they have found their elf Tinkerbell, and it has become a fun morning ritual!

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