Sunday, December 9, 2012

Milstead's 12 Days of Jeans

My wonderful place were I work is spreading Christmas cheer by celebrating Christmas with us by having "Milstead's 12 Days of Jeans". I have never before worked at a location or heard of other work environments that have done this before, I love it. Not only do we get to wear jeans, but for each of the 12 days they bring in other little things for us to do to celebrate and enjoy each others company during this special time of year.

Milstead’s 12 Days of Jeans

Celebrating the holiday season with a special gift to you… 
Jeans for 12 days.

December 6th - Kick off the season by wearing a Christmas shirt

December 7th - Slip into the holiday spirit by showing off your holiday socks or slippers

December 10th- Wear your Jingle Bells and sound off your holiday spirit

December 11th- Satisfy your holiday sweet tooth by bringing treats to share in the lounge

December 12th- “Rein in” your holiday spirit by wearing Reindeer Antlers

December 13th- ‘Tis the Season of Giving: Donate to the MMS toy drive (see flyer sent out by counselors)

December 14th- Ugly Sweater Contest: Dig through your closet and dust off your oldest, ugliest sweater.  Stop by Mrs. Medina’s office to have your photo taken for the judging.

December 17th- Stay warm throughout the day and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in the lounge, courtesy of Mrs. Stewart J

December 18th- Wrap up for the winter and wear your scarf, hat, gloves, etc.

December 19th- Celebrate the arrival of Christmas by wearing a Christmas shirt

December 20th - Don’t be a Grinch: Read Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas to your class (or another book of your choice)

December 21st- Do you believe?  Wear your Santa Hat and spread the spirit of the holiday season

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year J

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