Sunday, December 16, 2012

Couture Bows for Christmas Presents

 Emma has been enjoying the Disney princess more lately so above is the Princess gift wrap we selected for Emma's gifts this year. I created four different types of bows for her gifts this year. I am very proud to say that all bow products were not purchased but recycled from last year and even the year before. I am trying to branch out and try new ideas and create the ideas myself. For all bows that you see I created them on my own and yes I used the hot glue gun!

Abigail has really taken an interest in Minne Mouse and Mickey so we decided to go with this paper for her this year. She enjoys the show and carries around a Minne Mouse toy whenever she can. With these boys I used two different types of ribbon one of them being a wired ribbon. The Maroon and Gold wired ribbon is recycled from being our outside ribbon from 2005 when we first started decorating the outside of our house for Christmas. So there are some special memories tied to these bows. I made three different types of bows for Abby's gifts.

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