Friday, March 30, 2012


Is technology always a good thing to have? My answer to this question is NO. I have a friend who recently went unplugged from fb and has seen an increase in the quality in her family life. This made me pause and reflect on my own tech use of fb, cell phone, etc... and I realized that she was right.

When your setting at the table with your family for a meal do you really need to have your phone net to you? NO, it is not necessary. As I am reflecting over my own use, my spouses use, now I am noticing when we go out to dinner, take trips, or I am observing others with their children or special person, many of them are on some type of technology instead of giving 100% of themselves to that moment with their loved one.

Not to mention the increase of negative and improper use of all types of technology... I do not want my children exposed to certain things until they can have a deeper understanding of what they should use technology for and how to use it properly. There are so many young persons using what I consider adult technology that its really sad, because they are exposed to so much more than is appropriate for their age and most do not have the life experiences or maturity to understand and interact appropriately within the technology they use.

So for me and my family we are agreed to the following:

There should be no use of technology of any kind when we are with our children unless it is something that can bring us together as a family. These exceptions would be thing like, but not limited to, Disney, Discovery, or other education sites appropriate for the ages of my sweet girls. We are placing the focus on quality family time and making the most of the time we have with each other, because you never know what your future holds.

We are promoting more outside time with our girls. We have recently started gardening with the girls and Emma really loves it! Both girls enjoy going outside for play time. They are both physical girls and prefer to move around as much as possible. We would prefer for our girls to be active instead of sitting for hours at a time in fornt of a t.v. playing games or watching shows.

I am not saying t.v. is a bad thing, it to can be used to bring a family together for bonding. So we are promoting family movie night, or on weekend mornings watching the girls shows with them and interacting with the educational shows with the girls.

P.S. I am not always tech savvy, I have my share of frustration on things not going right with different types of tech devices. So if you do not see me updating often, its due to the fact that I broke our laptop computer by accidentally kicking it over : (

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