Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 Things I Love About My New Job

These things are in no particular order, they are just wonderful things that I appreciate.
The District Calendar - 
I love working for a district that has breaks at the appropriate times. I am so excited to have a 4 day Easter Break, we have the Friday before off and the Monday after off. I will be able to really enjoy myself and create those special memories for my family.
Blue Jeans -
I know that many places have casual Friday and you are allowed to wear jeans. Well, what I really appreciate is the fact they allow us to wear jeans on practice testing days. At previous places of employment you had to dress super professional or they had different ways you could PAY to wear jeans. These were fundraisers for various reasons, thus resulting in you sticking out like a sore thumb if you did not participate. Here they have options other than purchasing, which I appreciate.
Super Supportive Colleagues -
The people I am blessed to work with have welcomed me with open arms from the very first day I stepped onto this campus. They are friendly, approachable, and seek me out to see if I need anything. I never have to go out of my way to ask for help or feel like I can't ask for help because I know that we support each other. We share with each other all things for the good of everyone.
Technology -
I have a wonderful Dell computer, Elmo, and Promethean Board, not to mention the district has purchased specific software that have games designed for students to enhance their academic skills in Math and Reading. There is also a plethora of teacher links for us to use as resources for teaching and designing lesson plans.
Eduphoria/GradeSpeed -
I appreciate the fact that I have the same software programs to use here that I used at my old job. I am also grateful for the fact that I do not have to take paper attendance every day or turn in multiple sets of attendance pink and green sheets at the end of each grading period. I have a wonderful attendance clerk who brings me my papers to sign off on at the end of each grading period. Instead of having six 6 weeks, we have four 9 weeks for our grading period. I am getting used to this, but it seems to be a good thing so far.
Fun Friday -
Students have the opportunity to earn outside/play time at the end of the week each week. This gives students something to earn, look forward to, and have a goal to reach each week. This helps with behavior management school wide. This gives teachers a bit of power to help persuade a student to do the right thing instead of having to buy treats/rewards or constantly have to remind them of the consequences of not doing the right thing.
Dismissal -
Students are dismissed in four groups and walked to their exit and monitored by the teachers and administration. All students are gone from campus through all modes of transportation, bus, car, or walking by 4:15. This allows for a quick dismissal and you do not have to worry about kids staying late in your room due to dismissal issues.
Duty -
I only have one duty each day and it is at the end of the day when I walk students down to catch their buses. It lasts for a total of 15 minutes and sometimes when the buses are really running smoothly it ends early!! This happens more times than not and all teachers really enjoy this. I love having my mornings dedicated to me and allowing me to get things done.
Trust/Freedom/Respect -
However you want to phrase it, I am trusted to do my job. I am respected as a teacher, as a professional, and as an equal to all members of my campus, no matter what position, title, or education they have. I do not have to worry about cliques, groups, or not being someone's favorite in order to gain the respect and professionalism due me because of my own education, efforts, and integrity.
Pay is Great -
Although i will never believe that a teacher is paid what they are worth no matter the district or program the district implements through grants or other various funding, I will say it has been really nice to get a pay raise and not have to have all the extra demands and strains placed on you from other methods of "incentives" for getting extra money besides what you earn with your contract. I know that some will argue that a teacher should get money based off of their scores for student performance, but I will say unless you have the expereince I have with such programs reserve your arguments until you do.  
These are things that I have found to enjoy at my new school and I look forward to all of the experiences to come. I have gained much knowledge from my previous jobs and have many wonderful memories I will cherish. I made many friends for life and got to teach some of the greatest students in the world. I am open and welcoming to all of the things my new job and district has to offer as I bring with me the experience and knowledge from those previous experiences.

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