Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Emma Elizabeth 2 years 8 months old

Emma is a very happy little girl. She takes after her Dada in some aspects with being care free, laid back more than not, but does have some of my OCD tendencies.  She likes her toys in a certain order, she likes her crayons to be in a particular spot when she is coloring. Emma is also a neat and tidy little girls. She picks up after herself, likes doing chores, and really does enjoy being a helper in all things.

She is currently potty training and doing wonderful. We have been doing this with the assistance of her school and we found that she prefers reading a book when on the potty. We are really excited that we have made such wonderful progress in this areas without having to give  "treats" which can lead to and unhealthy association with food.

Emma is also speaking in sentences, using her manners almost 100% of the time, and she is singing more and more new songs every day. Currently her favorite singer is Adele and she will breakout in song anytime she hears her on the radio. She loves playing with any and all toys that make sounds. She enjoys any musical instrument she can get her hand on, and loves dancing to the music.

We are getting in gear and starting to organize and select items for her 3rd birthday party. I find it so awsome, but also hard to really believe that in four short months I will have a 3 year old little girl. Emma has started to really enjoy playing dress up with her Nana. She puts on jewelery, tiaras, necklaces, and really enjoys wearing it around the house. So with all of this, the changes going on in her life, and our current interest with reading we have found the perfect party theme Fancy Nancy! Nana and I are super excited about this party theme and I am sure we will go overboard in decor, accessories, etc... as we get ready for Emma's big day.

We are currently looking into school districts to see the best district to live in to give our girls a wonderful public school education. We have also started to look into dance classes as well as other activities like sports for both girls. We have found several competitive dance studios and even some that will take a 2 year old who is not 100% potty trained (this is a very special find). We hope to give the girls every opportunity to try different things so they can have a plethora of choices as they get older.

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