Sunday, March 4, 2012

Late Nights...

When the ones you love are sick, you do all manner of things in the late hours of the night. For me I am posting updates on our website, posting updates on fb, and researching the best methods on how to help them. Now it seems our Abigail Grace is having some sinus issues and they resulted from a cold. She is experiencing some nasty drainage, green buggies, and a cough. How I wish I could have super kids who never get sick, but doctors and experienced parents say that all these colds, viruses, etc... that they are exposed to as babies and toddlers helps to prevent serious sickness later in their lives.

How I wish at times like these I could be a stay at home mom and not have to send them to day care. But even then they would miss out on socialization, structure, routine, memory making events like parties, and let not forget the germs that result in the reason why I am up at this hour. But hey you can look at from a positive perspective I am creating some memories, while my daughter as doctors say is building up her autoimmune system.

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