Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Emma's Words

Emma is starting to speak more every day. Dada was her first word, and the word she uses the most. She has been saying this word for many months now. Mama was her second word and this is said in times of distress. We know when she is calling for me she must be feeling really bad. Baba was her third word, which she calls her bottle and clues us in to let us know that she needs something to eat. Bye-bye was her fourth word, and she started saying this to me when I dropped her off in the morning with her babysitter Jamie. She has been saying this for a month now. Emma's fifth word was Doing. She uses this word to ask her Dad "what ya doing?" since he asks her this all the time. The first time she said this was two weeks ago when we were on our way home from running some errands. Her newest word is Dog. She was playing on the mat with Reggie yesterday, and as she was trying to pet him she got really excited and started saying Dog really loud.

We hope to get some video of her talking soon so we can post it!

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