Monday, January 4, 2010

Home Today

Well today should be my 1st day back at work so I can continue to enlighten young minds and help to shape them into the ideal citizen : ) yet I am here typing this message to my friends and family.

Where should I start....

Our neighbor across the street has a son about three months older than Emma and they attend the same daycare. She came over last night to inform us that our daycare would be closed on Monday due to the family getting into 2 car accidents in a 24 hour period. Our sitter called later that night and explained everything to us and that daycare would be open on Tuesday. Thank God they are all fine, but as we continued to put away our Christmas decoration we discussed who would be taking the day to stay home with Emma and decided that Ray would be the one to stay home. Well he is here, but so am I.

11:00 p.m. last night my wonderful husband was hit with a nasty virus that kept him up until 4:00 a.m. this morning and that is when I decided to call in for the day. As Ray is finally drained and ready to go to sleep our sweet girl wakes up wanting our attention and who does she call for DaaDaa! Emma has been saying Dad for about a month to two months off and on, it really comes when she is frustrated on wanting out of the crib. Still waiting for Mommy any day now... So Ray changes her and I feed her, get her to sleep and back in the crib. No sooner than I lay her down her eyes open and she wants out. Now I have the two most important people in my life resting and hopefully getting better.

P.S. I have now realized that any major chore like Christmas decorations is now a 3 day event when you have a baby who is cutting teeth.

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