Wednesday, January 13, 2010

6 Months Old

Well... we just returned home from the A&M ladies basketball game and Emma had a ton of fun. She likes to watch the game, talk with Mommy and Daddy, as well as dance to the music. She sat up in the seat between us for the 1st time and of course took some cat naps on both of us.

The time keeps flying by, but we are loving and savoring every minute we can together with our baby girl. Emma is definitely a Daddy's girl, she wants him when she is frustrated and prefers for him to get her ready for bed. She loves playing with Mommy during bath time and eats for me better than she does Daddy.

We noticed today that she is as big as some 9 to 12 month old babies that we know of, but that is not anything new or unexpected for us. What we are doing is constantly buying clothing for her to sleep in. Due to her length she no longer fits Gerber 6-9 month clothing she is in the 9-12 months for Gerber. We realize that Carter is better for our Emma and more accurate for her size and age, plus they do not shrink as bad as the Gerber clothing tends to after even one wash.

Well we are hitting the bed and hope that Emma gets a good nights sleep. We will post pictures of her tomorrow!

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