Sunday, November 22, 2009

ATM vs Oklahoma City University

11/12/09 Emma's 1st Aggie Women's basketball game! Whoop! We had a GREAT iime showing off our little Aggie to all the loyal and wonderful fellow Aggies who came out to support the team as they beat the hell out of Oklahoma City University.

She has her cute basketball bow on with her Aggie bib. The proud Daddy ready to take her and introduce to her to the sport we hope she likes to play : )

Ray held her during the first half of the game and would talk to her and go over the different positions and plays with her. He would even point out what she should do and was eager to tell coach to go ahead and except her letter of intent.

She has such a big beautiful smile! There were many comments and sweet remarks on how beautiful and adorable she was. Many people also commented on how well behaved she was, we had to explain that when I was carrying her she was exposed to this type of environment and therefore used to it.

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