Friday, November 6, 2009

Another 1st

Emma went to the doctor on Monday 11/2/09, and was officially diagnosed with her 1st ear infection. I noticed stuff coming out of her ear last Wednesday and thought maybe one of the little kids might have tried to share their food with her or she was getting an ear infection. It cleared up but showed up again on Saturday when we went to take pictures at Sears. I tried calling to get her in on Saturday, but they were closed, so Ray took her in on Monday and they put her on some antibiotics and ear drops. She never ran a fever, was never fussy, and was very happy with everything as you can see in her baptism pictures.

Emma has found a way to communicate with us when she wants our attention and she is laying down. She gives us a lot of baby talk, and if that doesn't work she will lift her legs in the air and stomp her feet on the bottom of her bed, over and over until we get her. It makes you wonder who is training who's behavior!

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