Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Things to know about Emma...

July is here and with it we get more excited every day as we move closer to Emma's official due date of July 23rd. Through the numerous weeks that have passed I have been able to have that wonderful one on one time with my daughter that only the mother can have. As the weeks have gone by I have enjoyed my time with her and have come to realize how much like Ray she really is.

We have really been blessed with a wonderful, healthy, and happy pregnancy. Emma has been really easy going and relaxed like her Daddy. She likes the same food as Ray, she moves more when she hears his voice and knows he is near. Emma wakes in the morning when Ray goes to work and she does not like to go to bed when Ray is not next to us at night, how she knows the difference I have no idea.

Since the time is drawing closer to her arrival I have begun to research different things about the month of July. The following is just a bit of what I have learned so far...

The birth flower for the month of July is called a Larkspur. Ray and I, along with my Mom are looking for some now so that we can plant them throughout the garden to help welcome Emma home.

The birthstone for the month of July is the Ruby. The first thing the Pheris' bought me was a pair of ruby and diamond hoop earrings. Sharon wanted to be the first person to buy me rubies, but Ray had already done this when I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2002, he had bought me a diamond and ruby tennis bracelet.

The astrological sign for the month of July is Cancer. After reading up on this sign I have found that we will be looking forward to our daughter having some of the following character traits:

Loving and Emotional - this I think will be a bit of both of Ray and myself but in different ways. When it comes to the emotional part I hope she is more like Ray in some aspects rather than like me, but either way she will be perfect.
Shrewd and Cautious - if she is anything like her Daddy as I suspect this will go a long way with her business dealings.
Sensitive and Nurturing - in this area I believe she will be more like me, but Ray is more private with this side of himself.
Intuitive as well as Imaginative - These traits I believe Ray and I both have in common, but I tend to have more of the imaginative side that I express with creativity in various ways.
Sympathetic and Protective - in this I know Ray and I are both equal and depending on the circumstance can take it to the extreme.

These are just some of the things that Ray and I are excited to explore as we get to know Emma. We look forward to the awesome journey and responsibility that is parenthood.

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