Friday, July 3, 2009

Memories of a Lifetime

Ray and I have been tracking our progress throughout the pregnancy in many different ways. We believe strongly in showing our daughter how much she was planned for and wanted, not by just us, but by our family and friends too. We have both done a Mommy/Daddy Journal, Belly Book, we have written a letter each to Emma expressing how we feel as we await her arrival, plus various other little things.

The major thing we did this week to create one of those special memories not only for Emma, but for ourselves as well, was to have professional maternity pictures taken to capture the love and joy that we feel during this time. We wanted to share a couple of the shots that are our favorites with you. These are just a few out of 50 shots that were taken so we could look back at this moment together and remember the happiness, love, and dedication that we have for ourselves and our daughter.


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