Sunday, February 10, 2013

Abigail Grace at 21 Months

It has been a while since we posted, so here are some updates:  Abby started out the year going under the knife for the first time:  she had her adenoids removed.  She has been having constant sinus drainage and infections, and the ENT thought this would help her a lot.  She had no problems with the surgery and after a short nap was back playing like nothing had happened that afternoon! 

Abby has been a lot more talkative lately, and sings her version of the ABC song, puts together 2 word phrases, and is very vocal when she wants to get your attention.  She is also showing that she had a diverse palate, and there is very little that she will not eat.  In fact, she usually just eats off of our plates after she finishes the food we give her.  She loves vegetables, especially green beans.

She is now 38 inches long and around 34 pounds, which is well ahead of Emma's growth, and y'all all know how big Emma is for her age!  We just packed up her 2T clothing, and she is wearing 3T and some 4T clothing now.  Overall, she is a happy, healthy, active little girl!

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