Friday, November 30, 2012

Spreading Christmas Cheer

As this special time of year approaches I keep in mind that not all people are as fortunate in their ability to celebrate as my family is. As a teacher, I have gone out of my way to bring Christmas cheer to my students. I let them listen to music, and each class gets to create and decorate their own class Christmas tree. I try my best to create the lesson plans to the topics of the season, and when they finish early they get to work on creating ornaments for their class Christmas tree. I am also blessed to work at a campus where in 6th grade they are still allowed to have a Christmas party. A part of our lesson before going home for Christmas will be to read "A Christmas Carol" and watch the movie. My students are very excited and appreciate the fact that I am going out of my way to help them enjoy this very special time of year.

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