Friday, November 30, 2012


Moving is never fun and it is always really hard work. I am blessed with a truly amazing husband who took it upon himself to get all of our stuff moved out of two different storage units, his parents' house, and into our new home. Ray's labors took almost an entire day, and now we are enjoying the fruits of those labors! 

Through my husband's relentless efforts and my tenacity for sticking with something and wanting to finish no matter what, it took us from November 9th while working, taking care of our girls, etc. to make progress. But we really started to settle in with the help of our wonderful friends the Freemans!

They were so nice to come over on the first day of our Thanksgiving break to give us a hand with sorting, unpacking, organizing, and moving stuff back to Ray's parents house for a garage sale. Working nonstop for the 9 days of Thanksgiving break (Ray working during the week,) we were able to have everything unpacked, the girls room and bathroom 100% decorated, and started cooking and eating at the table like a family again! Ray rounded off the Thanksgiving break by having a garage sale at his parents house, getting rid of at least 1/3 of the things we had in our attic and garage from our old house. Then we donated to Goodwill, sold books at Half Price Books, and we gave a bunch of our girls clothing to some really special little girls.

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