Sunday, September 16, 2012

Update on the Girls

We noticed the other day that the girls no longer fit their rain jackets.  We went to San Marcos to visit Cesily, Jason, and Townes, and we stopped at the Carter's outlet store and found these that will work well in rainy or cold weather, which will be nice with winter coming up. 

Emma is now 3 years 2 months old and has taken to the momma role.  By that, I mean that she carries her babies around, puts them down for naps, and when they end up hitting one another she sends them to time out.  She also thinks she can correct other kids as well, telling them they need a spanking and they need to go to time out too.  Abby doesn't take too kindly to this, and tells her "No No!"  She is enjoying her new day care, and brings home pictures she has colored every day, telling us "Happy Birthday!  I made this for you!"  At the rate I have birthdays, I must be 179 years old by now.

Abby is currently fighting a sinus infection of some sort, which is keeping her, and by extension us, up at all hours of night with her coughing and subsequent sore throat.  Other than that, she is a happy little 16 month old, continually trying to say new words and communicate with us.  She will count to 3, and tries to sing Row Row Row Your Boat.  She also sang the ABC song the other day, but cannot enunciate the letters well yet.  I was impressed that she had the tune down though, and sang it with the different voice inflections and everything!

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