Thursday, September 20, 2012

Positive Work Environment = Positive Attitude

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.  ~Winston Churchill

 I feel blessed to work with people who greet me with "Good Morning" and they have a smile on their face.

It makes me feel so happy inside that I work with people who always say hi anytime I see them in the halls, no matter how many times we run by each other racing to get things done. 

I enjoy working with my team, within a team, within a team!!! To explain; (1st Team) I am on a three way switch with two other teachers. I teach Reading, Mrs. G teaches Science, and Mr. B teaches Math, with all of us teaching Social Studies at the end of the day. (2nd Team) This team consist of 10 teachers! We all come together under a team leader Ms. L and she has a positive attitude, looks out for us, and is always willing to help when we need it. She helps to direct us and remind us of the things we need to do and the deadlines we need to meet. (3rd Team) All sixth grade teachers totaling 20 in all come together to support each other, share resources with each other, and create a positive, creative, and caring atmosphere for all of us to enjoy year round. 

I am so blessed to work with wonderful people who care about me and the well being of my family. With everything that has been going on lately... there are so many people who check on me or ask me for updates about my family it really means allot to me. 

There is much more that I can say but I will end with a list of things that I am currently celebrating due to a positive work environment:

1. I had my first walk through evaluation by Mr. P and it was AWESOME!!
2. I have been selected to be the teacher to attend Focus trainings.
3. I will be presenting content and activities with my fellow teachers from my trainings.
4. I look forward to going to work every day!
5. I do not bring home stress or tension with me when I leave my job.
6. I put more pressure on myself about being successful than anyone else. 
7. I am a morale pal! 

I hope others get to experience a positive work environment because it really does make a difference in the quality of your life. I will be posting more through the year on the ways my campus and colleagues come together to promote a positive work environment : )

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