Saturday, September 10, 2011

For the Love of My Sister I Pray


Dear Lord,

You know her so much better than I do, you know the burden she carries. You also know her heart. Lord, I ask you to be with her now, let your will be done in her life.

Lord, I pray for her just as your Word tells me to pray, for healing. I believe you hear this earnest prayer from my heart and that it is powerful because of your promise. I have faith in you to heal her, but I also trust in the plan you have for her life.

Lord, I don't always understand your ways. I don't know why things happen, but I know everything happens for a reason. I ask that you look with mercy and grace toward her. Pleas provide her with guidance, wisdom, comfort, and healing.

Let her feel your presence so that she knows your with her, so that she can gain strength to deal with what will come.


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