Saturday, September 24, 2011

Emma 26 Month Update (2 years, 2 months)

We are working on potty training here at the house and at daycare. She is improving each day. We look forward to the day we don't have to order pull ups anymore. We are taking it slowly and not rushing her, we know that each child is unique and will reach their goals in their own time. We hear of how other people use candy or other types of treats to encourage potty training, but from our research and the advice of our pediatrician we will not be doing that. Nana made her a chart and we bought stickers so we are trying that right now.

Emma is a very active little girl and likes to go outside. With all the hot weather we have had she has been unable to play outside when she would like. But we are able to play games inside, sing, dance, and she still enjoys Mickey Mouse Club House.

Emma is getting taller and starting to shed some of her baby weight. She is becoming more independent all the time. She is wearing a size 4T due to height, she has some growth room and that saves us from having to buy more clothing in a couple of months. She is also wearing a size 8 shoe for toddlers, we realized at our last shopping trip that she will soon be in regular kids sized shoes by summer.

Emma can follow directions easily, she puts her toys away, likes to clean, and is a great helper around the house. She enjoys sweeping, vacuuming, and trying to dust. She knows the location of the trash can and puts stuff in it when she is asked to do so. She cleans up after herself when she eats by placing her items in the kitchen sink. She puts her own dirty laundry in her hamper and puts her shoes away as soon as we get home. It is wonderful seeing these parts of her personality developing.

Emma picks up on new words all the time. She talks for longer periods of time, she will ask questions, she will answer questions, she counts past 15, and she call say all of her ABC's. She likes to color and is starting to show more of her creative side.

These are just a few things about our Emma Elizabeth that we get to see all the time, just wanted to share them with our family.

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