Saturday, November 20, 2010

Night and Day



By now the majority of the people who read this website know that Ray and I our expecting our second child in May. We are overjoyed and feel extremely blessed to be in this stage of our life. We look forward to Emma being a big sister and being able to bond with her sibling and have someone in life to call friend, sibling, and to share all of her hopes, dreams, and secrets with.

What many do not know who read this is what it has been like since we found out about our blessing on September 9, 2010. Our first pregnancy with Emma was wonderful! I was so healthy, never got sick, never had morning sickness, and I was so relaxed and just had that Mommy Glow Bliss throughout my 9 months.

This pregnancy has been the complete opposite of my experience with Emma. Starting in September shortly after we found out we were expecting on the 9th my morning sickness kicked it. All who really know me understand how much I can not stand to be sick. Well, all through September this was the only aliment I experienced.

With October it was a hurricane of sickness hitting hard and leaving lasting impacts on my body. The first week of October I got the wonderful stomach bug that everyone was passing around, on top of my morning sickness. Not being able to eat for three days took a toll. Ray was so wonderful taking care of me and making sure I was keeping hydrated.

The second week of October came with a severe sinus infection and I had to be placed on a Z pack. I lost my voice for a while and it made teaching a challenge. So, for two full weeks now I have been sick and only functioning at about 50%. Needless to say I was annoyed because I couldn't meet my own high standards to do anything at all due to my sickness.

The third week of October I developed an upper respiratory infection and was placed on another Z pack, inhaler, and two other medications. At this point I was so tired and really did not have the energy to do much at all. But as this week ended and the last week of October began I was starting to feel normal except for being pregnant with morning sickness.

The last week of October was a roller coaster of emotions and experiences, starting on Wednesday, October 27, 2010. I had a wonderful day at work. I felt like super teacher and my kids really enjoyed their lesson. I left work at 4:10, picked Emma up next door from her day care, and went and ran an errand. We got home and some complications started with our baby. I had to call Ray at work and tell him to come home because I needed to go to the ER. Ray hurried home and I had arranged for a sitter to be with Emma and we left for the emergency room. Once there they admitted me and ran 4 different test and confirmed that I was experiencing a "Threatened Miscarriage." At this point my worst fears were starting to come to life. I was immediately put on bed rest for the next 5 days, placed on medication to help sustain my pregnancy, and scheduled for a check up with my wonderful OB on that Monday, November 1st. The check up went well and we are cautiously optimistic that our baby will continue to be healthy.

At this point we are currently 13 weeks 4 days along with our pregnancy. We take each day one at a time and are extremely thankful that we were able to be blessed with an OB who took action and made the right decisions to help us. I am taking it easy, not trying to be too active, and I have been advised not to exercise, move around more than necessary, not to stand for long periods of time. No lifting or bending over a bunch, and making sure to stay hydrated. This means not being me and my fast-paced self for a while. I hope to get back to being able to function at full cylinders for a pregnant woman by the end of the year.

We are thankful for our friends who helped us out on this crazy day. We want to thank Mary for coming and staying with Emma, she has such a wonderful relationship with our little girl it eased our minds while we were in the emergency room for 4 hours that she was here for Emma. We want to thank Buck for coming to our rescue and sending his roommate to bring us gas since we ran out of it and were stranded on the road trying to get home from the emergency room. We believe this was God's way of giving us some much need laughter after experiencing our scare. We also want to thank Nana and Poppa for coming up and helping out for that weekend, they were a blessing.

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Brandy's drama said...

I am so glad to hear you are doing better...I didn't know you were admitted in the hospital. I knew something was wrong but didn't realize that. I guess gossip at work isn't as good as I thought it was :)