Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Emma is Growing Up

Emma is just over 1 year 4 months old now, and she seems to be changing every day. At her 16 month checkup she was 32 1/2 inches tall (88th percentile) and 30 pounds (97th percentile.) Her hair is getting longer and starting to curl in the back. She runs after Reggie around the house and can communicate to us what she wants. She can say out or outside when she wants to go in the backyard, bye bye when she wants to leave, and baba when she is thirsty. OF course she knows mama and dada, and also said nana a few days ago. She knows who her dog is and how to call him, she knows a duck says "quack quack," and is always quick to flash a smile at everyone and tell them hi. She seems to be picking up new words daily, and now she pats Brandie's belly and says "baby."

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