Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Emma having a snack as Mommy and Daddy eat lunch, before we open our gifts.

Flowers for Mommy that were delivered on Saturday. Ray did a wonderful job picking them : )

Emma getting some play time in the living room as Daddy takes a nap since we were up on and off all night with her since she was running a high temp.

Emma taking a nap in the big bed before going to the doctor to find out that she has a virus : (

Our Emma is getting more hair every day and can now wear bows in her beautiful hair.

Daddy and Emma sporting their Mets gear today at the house before taking their naps.

Emma's card from Mommy and Daddy. She tries to eat everything she gets her hands on.

Emma liked the colorful design of her movie that she received from us for Valentine's Day.

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