Sunday, February 7, 2010

Emma's Doll

Our beautiful Emma showing off those gorgeous blue eyes of hers! I just want to kiss her all of the time! I can not get enough of her special love.

Emma in her crib playing with her doll as Mommy does her laundry and straightens up her room. Time goes by so quick that the ordinary every day chores get left until the weekend.

Emma getting caught using her doll as a teether and Mommy having to explain that we do not eat our baby dolls. She is a hoot to watch these days as she explores her surroundings more and more each day.

She is smiling at me as she continues to try to eat her baby doll. Emma thinks its funny and laughs at me these days when I try and explain why we can't eat things like dolls or Reggie on a daily basis.

I had to take some pictures as evidence to show Daddy when he got home so he could see how his daughter plays with her dolls. I am sure Poppa will get a kick out of this, while Nana prepares a discussion about proper doll care for little princesses.

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